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Product Profile

Our Principals:

Aecometric Corporation, Canada

Aecometric Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacturing of custom large scale industrial combustion equipment and systems.


High Intensity Burners: Aecometric High Intensity Burners have an extremely short and well defined flame that is extremely stable and will not be affected even by a 60ft/s cross flow. Aecometric High Intensity Burners have met emissions requirements as low as 0.02 lb/MMBTU CO coupled with 0.045 ib/MMBTU NOx.

2Air Heaters : The Aecometric high intensity burner is used as the heat source for the air heater. A swirling motion is induced in the combustion air by the burner’s volute vanes located at the base of the combustor. The swirling air creates a recirculating vortex in the combustor which causes intense mixing of fuel and air that ensures efficient and complete combustion of any fuel.

3Sulphur Recovery Units: Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU) are used in refineries, natural gas processing and coal gasification plants, to recover elemental sulphur from a sour gas stream. Aecometric’s products specifically designed for SRUs include: reaction furnace burners, reheat burners, tail gas incinerator burners, high energy ignitors and premix pilots.

4Rotary Kiln Burners: Aecometric Rotary Kiln Burners have been supplied worldwide and have provided exceptional performance in all of the following applications: Lime Kilns, Cement Kilns, Alumina Kilns, Magnesite Kilns, Diatomaceous Earth Kilns, Iron Ore Pelletizing Kilns, Lightweight Aggregate Kilns, Lime Sludge Kilns.

5Valve Trains: Aecometric supplies valve trains for Natural Gas, Propane, Refinery Fuel, Gas, Oxygen, Fuel Oil, Bunker C, Waste Oil, Air Stream and Low BTU Gas.

6Pilots & Ignitors: Aecometric pilots and ignitors can be retrofitted onto any burner system supplied by Aecometric or any other vendor. The systems are extremely robust and reliable. Instrumentation is provided with each system to ensure that your plant can start up quickly every time.

7Oil Handling Equipment: Aecometric rovide pump and heater sets for combustion equipment for any grade of fuel oil in simplex, duplex or even triplex form. The units are supplied fully assembled on a skid with drip pan and are pressure tested to 1.5 times the design pressure.

8Control Panels/Safeguards: Aecometric design and build custom flame safeguards and control panels for combustion. Aecometric control panels/flame safeguards can be supplied with other Aecometric Combustion Equipment or can be supplied for any other brand of equipment. Each panel is custom designed for customer’s application.

9Ladle Preheating Designs: Aecometric design and supply the most advanced Ladle Preheaters. The systems are specifically designed to minimize operator intervention, minimize maintenance and to achieve a very high level of operational performance.

Customized Solutions for Laboratory Equipments

We provide specialty chromatography analyzer solutions for hydrocarbon processing industry in accordance to standard international methods such as ASTM, ISO, IP etc.
We cover a wide range of hydrocarbon-based product streams including natural gas, Liquefied pressurized gas, Naphtha, Gasoline and heavier hydrocarbons streams.
Our chromatography solutions are platform independent and we assist our customers in every step – from sampling to service and support including method development.

Third Party Service and Calibration of laboratory equipments

We provide service for a wide range of analytical instruments. The services include preventive and breakdown maintenance, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Calibration services etc.